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If you can’t figure out what to make for dinner, try adding a little spice to your mundane menu from bloggers who chronicle arroz con pollo recipes. Or perhaps you need the best makeup tips (hi Bonita) for various shades of olive and brown. Even more, your kids are driving you nuts and you need an outlet (it’s okay mami!).

Cheers to this virtual familia for all of their contributions to the digital space.

Claudya Martinez  (Mexican ­ American)

Claudya uses her blog to creatively express her experiences of motherhood. From shopping to restaurant hopping, Claudya gives us a day in the life.

Deborah Cruz (Mexican American) 

Formerly known as The Truth About Motherhood, is now THE TRUTH.  Deborah is a proud Latina, freelance writer, and social media strategist with a beautiful family and a sharp ear (and tongue) for the truth. Her site is a no bullshit zone. Brace yourself and enjoy.

Denise Cortes (Mexican American) 

A momma of six who is an artist? Sign us up for her newsletters. Denise is a Latina mom that teaches us about Mexican art and pushes us through do-it-yourself -tutorials (DIYs) on her blog

Elma Diplaceres (Cuban Columbian) 

As a mommy, wife, and entrepreneur, this first generation Latina has so many experiences to share especially being raised in the South during the  70s. Her dominant challenge was answering the question “what are you?”

Divina Rodriguez  (Paraguayan) 

Davina’s extremely opinionated blog reflects both her birthplace ( America) and Latina heritage. In addition, this digital mommy has added a new media and strategic communications firm that help businesses grow by leveraging the best in digital for return on investments.

Lisa Quinones-Fontanez  (Puerto Rican American)

Autism Wonderland is all about Lisa’s personal experience with autism. This experience opened doors to an entirely different (a brand new) world. Her son’s diagnosis made her feel incredibly overwhelmed as she faced day to day struggles. To help others understand this world, she created an Alice in Wonderland theme blog.

Vanessa Bell (Cuban American) 

 Venessa’s blog is a digital memoir in honor of her children and family history. She uses her digital space to educate her children about their biracial (Hueish) background.  Cultural identity is a growing concern, as we continue to move into a more intermix society. This blogger mom plans to help other moms face the challenges and issues of cultural identity, through her own blog as well as assisting them to build their own.

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