Five Most Common Travel Mistakes 20-Somethings Make

You’re in your twenties (YOLO- you only live once), we get it. You’re ready to turn up, take selfies, share #lifegoals worthy-pictures online, but while you’re doing all of that, keep the following in mind, so you don’t make insane travel mistakes.

1. Keep your valuables with you at all times

Always have a smaller messenger bag/pouch (I know it’s not sexy, but better safe than sorry) inside your carry-on luggage. It’ll hold all your valuables like keys, passport, jewelry or cash. You never know when the overhead bins might be overloaded on a flight and any additional carry-ons have to be handed to an attendant.


2. Make the best of your hotel stay

Many holiday travelers make their hotel bookings without letting the front desk attendant know the occasion being celebrated. Are you celebrating a honeymoon, anniversary or birthday? Many hotels offer discounts and upgrades to customers who have a special occasion to celebrate during their stay. Take advantage and don’t be hesitant to ask for an upgrade or discount.


3. Don’t miss out on your dream cruise destination

If you book a cruise for the sake of visiting a particular destination, ensure it is the last stop on the itinerary. Most cruise lines often skip in-between ports of call due to unforeseen circumstances like the weather without issuing any refunds.


4. Don’t get short-changed on car rental

To rent a car on your travels, use a credit card that provides collision damage as one of its perks. Check the condition of the vehicle before pickup. Be sure to take pictures of both the interior and exterior preferably with a camera that has the timestamp settings on. Also, get a written record of the car’s condition before rental. Upon return get a written record that the car was returned in good condition.


5. Make no assumptions with your passports

 Checking to see if the expiration date on your passport is beyond the date on your return flight tickets is not enough. Several countries have rules that require passports to be valid up to 6 months before your exit from the country. Be sure to know the rules concerning passports in any country you might be visiting.  

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