Find Out Your Body Type to Lose Weight More Efficiently If you're struggling to lose weight, it's probably because you're not eating based on your body type

Everyone has a different body type and being that we’re all shaped differently – we all need to eat differently to live a healthier, happier life! Everyone’s body’s store fat differently so eating for your body along with the correct workout regimen ensures that you’ll lose weight the healthy way.
The first step, of course, is finding out the type of body you have: Apple, Pear, Hourglass or Inverted Pyramid.

The Apple

Apple-shaped bodies tend to carry most of their weight around the belly area, with generally slimmer arms and legs. Your ideal diet should include ‘clean’ proteins (chicken, fish, pork), healthy fats (nuts, olive oil, full-fat cheeses and eggs), supplemented with plenty of greens (spinach, kale, lettuce).

The Pear

Most of your weight will appear around the hips and thighs, with a significantly smaller upper body and little excess weight around your arms and chest. You may also have a lower abdominal ‘pooch’. Your body needs lots of high-fiber veggies and fruits, a healthy amount of supplements such as brown rice, quinoa and oats, topped off with small amounts of lean protein and non-dairy fats.

The Hourglass

Weight is usually most noticeable around the face, arms, chest and ankle, but the hourglass body type usually gains – and distributes – weight evenly around the body. You need a daily helping of a good amount of lean protein, and lots of spices! As opposed to rice, pasta and other starchy carbs, supplement your chicken, lean beef or fish with whole grain cereals such as quinoa. Don’t forget to include fruit and raw vegetables in your diet.

The Inverted Pyramid

Does this sound like your body? Broad shoulders that taper down towards the waist and hips, upper body muscle, and fleshier arms? Your body type is the Inverted Pyramid. What your body needs are complex carbohydrates, found in whole grains, beans and peas, high-fiber fruits and lots of fresh vegetable juices. Your ideal diet should also include leafy veggies and low-fat dairy.


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