Ethically Made Fashion Brands: Naked & Famous Denim

Not your normal ethically made fashion brand: Naked & Famous  specializes in using high quality materials and are made in Canada. Not to mention they have a slew of celebrity endorsements ( as long as they strive to make the world better we’ll jump on that bandwagon as well).

Part of our movement at Econistas, is connecting people, brands, movements who understand compromise and balance (when it comes to going green), and also honoring those who have figured out how to go completely natural and green (we envy you).

You’ll find that we find, features, or even interview brands and individuals who are either on their journey to becoming eco-friendly or 100% eco-friendly, green, ethical, and sustainable.  This brand in particular has it’s ethical and sustainable elements.

However, a few things to be aware of about this brand and its products is that they use leather labels  and aren’t made out of organic cotton. When it comes to being an Econistas, we encourage everyone not to expect us to set a standard, but to create your own standards- one that considers the impact you want to have on the environment and people around you.


Happy shopping Econistas!

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