Econistas: 10 Natural Hairstyles Professional Millennial Women Love Wearing Finding a befitted professional hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult

Many millennial women have ditched the straightening combs and the chemical products to embrace their natural curls. While natural hair is mostly accepted in the workplace, there are many natural hairstyles that are not considered professional.

While a French twist may be considered, perfectly fine, many may find Bantu Knots “inappropriate” depending on your place of business. It shouldn’t matter how we wear our hair, especially when it expresses our culture, but it must be understood that not all-natural hairstyles are considered appropriate for the workplace.

Finding a befitted professional hairstyle doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many videos on YouTube that help Naturalistas create a wide range of amazing styles with their natural curls, locs, and braids that are not only super dope but also classy and professional.

To help you out, we have collaborated with one of the best natural and bridal salons, Hair-At-Ease, to compile a list of ten easy to do natural styles that you can wear to work and look fabulous, with a perfect taste of a professional appearance.

Hair-At-Ease stylists have licensed cosmetologists, professional makeup artist and hair stylists, specializing in bridal and natural hair care. Hair-At-Ease celebrates all hair types in their natural state and believes in creating unique and fabulous styles that accentuate the beauty of every woman without compromising the integrity of their hair
Check out some of these amazing looks below:

This unique style is simple to create with four twisted strands pinned into a neat bun.


This twist-out ‘do is perfect for the workplace. Create a few twists with a leave-in curl pudding for at least 24 hours. Then untwist and finger through to create fullness and style.


Adding a headband to your untwisted hair can add a unique flair!


You can never go wrong with a classic full high-top bun!


Creating two cornrows with a side part can be just what you need for professionalism and character.


This crown screams royalty and loyalty!


We heart this simple style! These two strand twists placed into a ponytail is super cute and professional.


Add two french braids to the front and a french roll in the back is a look that will always serve slay in the workplace.


A competent woman knows that her hair is her crown of respect, and this style will earn her that respect in the office and abroad.


There is so much you can do with easy styles that include a few twists and pins, including the style below.

If looking for more professional naturals styles, be sure to visit us again for the latest in hair care.

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