Dirty Lemon May Replace Red Wine Drinking Clean With Dirty Lemon

Dirty Lemon might be coming for the wine industry in a big way. The beverage company recently released a drink that has all the benefits of red wine, without all the bad stuff. Beauty experts have raved about this drink!

 The drink, +rose is what the company describes as a “vegan beauty elixir” chock full of “potent polyphenols and antioxidants to decrease stress, support anti-aging and protect against free radical damage.” It also contains less than a gram of sugar – which comes from the lemon juice. It also clocks in at about only 10 calories.

One of the main antioxidants in the drink is resveratrol – present in red wine! In addition, this is what helps fight off signs of aging by protecting your body from free-radical damage. On their site they write, “studies have shown that resveratrol supplementation improves circulation and has beneficial effects on glucose and lipid metabolism.”

This drink also has another powerful ingredient: rose water. It has anti-inflammatory properties and the pink Himalayan salt gives those electrolytes that everyone needs! They recommend you drink the beverage after dinner. On their website, they write “This formula is designed to help to boost the body’s ability to fight oxidative stress (or free radical damage).” It also helps “improve energy, and support a healthy digestive system by improving the elimination of toxic compounds and waste.”

The drink is available by the case on their website, which can be purchased here.

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