Branding and Marketing Lessons: Brand Behind Beyonce’s Made In Africa Fashion Pieces Loza Maléombho


Marketing and branding are often muddied by complex terms and efforts. Yet, Loza Maléombho, is an Ivorian designer, and strong representation for young professionals and creatives looking to establish their brand identity and have global influence organically.

As the founder of Adiree Communications and marketing platform Africa Fashion Week,  I wanted to highlight her brand from a marketing and communications perspective, what stands out primarily is her authenticity. At the core of her brand and business, her authenticity is what drives the following core messages and reasons for her being seen as the Face of Fashion Made In Africa:


Loza Maléombho is influenced by diverse surroundings

Loza Maléombho gains inspiration from her New York surroundings and African culture to create modern and avant-garde designs. Loza’s label originated in Abidjan and at the speed, she’s going it won’t take long for her clothes to take over the world.


Loza Maléombho acts Locally but Thinks Globally

By producing in the Ivory Coast, Loza’s mission is to empower women with a small manufacturing studio that gives jobs to young women from unpopular backgrounds to produce her womenswear clothing. She also works alongside local skilled professionals on featured products such as fabrics, shoes, and accessories. Loza uses fashion to give back to her community.


Loza Maléombho leverages social media to reach more People

She is a young artist so it is no surprise that she is an active participant in social media. However, Loza uses social media as a way to address and spread self-love by posting socially conscious selfies of herself and others on her Instagram. Even though Loza’s clothes are exceptionally exquisite they hold a deeper meaning and are more than just their beauty.


Loza Maléombho Stands for Social Justice

Loza features her extravagant headpiece designs in which she handcrafts for her Alien Edits on Instagram. Maléombho’s Alien Edits, the name of her digital marketing campaign, was created as a way to fight against the biased American judiciary system and their treatment towards the African-American race. Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Will Garner and now Walter Scott are the names of a few victims that unfortunately experienced the unjust justice system. Alien Edits were created to bring awareness to social issues that negatively divide the younger generation apart and one day will help conquer the alienation victims face due to factors they cannot control such as race, culture and gender. Loza not only connects her designs to her culture and history but strives to find the connection between her clothing and other cultures found in the beautiful continent of Africa.


Loza Maléombho ‘Oprahs” her Brand

Oprah is the champion of building a brand around herself, modeling on the cover of every edition of her magazine. Like Oprah, Maléombho usually models her own creations and uses herself as a muse for her clothing. Her designs are a reflection of her own personal style and can be best described as a mix of traditional and nontraditional cultures with contemporary styles. Loza’s clothing gives her a chance to express herself and use art to spread messages about self-love. Shoppers can find Loza’s womenswear clothing and other accessories on her website:



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