Blog to Boss : Tools I’m Using To Grow Media Platforms

Blogging and building media platforms are still in trend and it will be for a while. And if you’re someone like me, you’re probably constantly looking for ways to step up your communication game, help clients expand their brand and connect with more customers or just connect with like-minded people. A media platform is definitely a great way to do all of these things. Here are six great tools I’m using to develop digital media platforms for myself as well as clients.

1. Stock up 

Images are a vital part of blogging. Sourcing royalty free images or creating high-resolution photos will consume a considerable portion of your time (and rightfully so). The site, Stock up is a robust platform that provides free editorial images for your stories. The downside of using this site (and others that offer free stock photos) is that everyone has access to it, but feel free to use Canva (see my description of this tool below) to creatively alter the image and add a touch of uniqueness to it.

Just always make sure you read the fine print affiliated with the use of each image on the site. LINK:


2. Build content using a content idea generator 

A headline is like the eyes to your blog’s soul. In fact, it’s not like; it is the gateway to your blog. Eliminate straining your brain for hours on what topic you should or could be writing on.  Plug your main subject into the site, and hit the refresh button.

Bonus** Here is another generator to look at

3. Create visuals with Canva 

Canva is super sweet and a must-have! If you can’t get your hands on Photoshop or are unable to figure the darn thing out, Canva is a compelling alternative.   We recommend this tool for all clients.  If you need to create a branded professional graphic and share-worthy for your readers, Canva is the web-tool to use.  You can create graphics that are eye-catching, easy to create graphics and to engage your readers.

4. Have fun with the process: Meme Generator 

Perfect for those with a funny bone. MEME’s are quite cool. So if you don’t know about the MEME generator, you’re slacking.  The site below allows you to source images from the site or upload your own. Once complete you can use the ready-made meme for your social media platforms (i.e. Instagram, ). LINK:

5. Create an editorial calendar 

For all my WordPress users, put your hands up  (Oh yeah). In all seriousness, you’ll fall in love with this plug-in.  It helps you build your engagement, organize and plan your content; interviews, product reviews,  and schedule your editorials for the month.  The user-friendliness of the platform is pure excellence, allowing you to shift your topics by dragging and dropping. LINK:

A plethora of tools is at your fingertips if you want to be a successful blogger. Each tool will help you be useful, share-worthy (engaging), and as significant (consistent).  Now go and be a boss blogger.


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