Biggest Mistakes When Applying Foundation – As Told by Beyonce’s Makeup Artist Have you seen Beyoncé's makeup? Obviously this man knows what he's talking about.

As we begin to use makeup more often, we are coming to the realization that there’s a lot we have to learn. Makeup artists and aficionados alike are constantly teaching the beauty community what they’ve learned through trial and error. One of the most recognizable makeup artists in the world, Sir John – Makeup artist to the one and only Beyoncé – told Popsugar some tips and tricks about applying foundation and having it look as natural as possible. Here are five tips that we learned and think you should take with you when you sit in front of the mirror to apply your makeup next.


1. Only Apply Foundation to Where It’s Needed

Nobody needs a full face of makeup, that’s definitely overdoing it. Sir John himself sees foundation as a spot-corrector.

Fenty Beauty Pro Filt'r Foundation

2. Applying it on a Dry Face

Surprise! You don’t have to wait until your moisturizer sets in to put your foundation on. Per Sir John himself, his pro-tip is: “Take a wet Beautyblender and while your skin is damp from your moisturizer apply your foundation.”

Applying Foundation

3. Foundation Matching Myth

Most people believe that the best place to find your foundation match is on the back of your hand or their wrist. WRONG! If you want to find the best color for your skin, you’re going to have to test on your face. On the jawline, under the eyes, and around the nose will get you the closest to your exact shade match.

4. Shaking Your Foundation

DO. NOT. FORGET. TO. SHAKE. YOUR. FOUNDATION. If you want to avoid a orange-ish hue, we suggest you decide to shake the hell out of that foundation before you use it. According to Cosmopolitan, “depending on how your foundation is stored the pigments are going to settle which will affect the overall color of your base. Also, the oils in the foundation can cause separation.”

5. To Use Primer or Not

It’s been a debated topic in the beauty community. Some believe a primer isn’t needed and some advocate strongly for it. Here at Styliy, we suggest that you prime before you use foundation. If you want to prevent oxidation and keep the color of your foundation the same throughout the day (especially on hot days), use a primer before applying the foundation.

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