Become A Better Thinker

We wish more schools taught and focused on thought leadership. As important,  included after-school tutorial sessions on better thinking.  Many would argue that it is an essential skill to have and what’s great about it, is that anyone could master it would practice.

Here are tips that will improve your skill in thinking effectively:


1. Get sleep, rest, or take more opportunities to meditate

Thinking is mental and requires the brain (obviously). The brain depends on adequate rest to function. If insomnia is a challenge, it is definitely something that needs to be overcome, and without over-the-counter drugs (if possible).

In addition, scheduling break times during the day is essential. Taking 10 -30 minutes after 3 hours (to meditate, shut your eyes, stand up, do jumping jacks) helps to refresh your mind and body.

2. Stay away from dependencies (caffeine, sugar, or food)

Using food, caffeine, or even sugars to keep your brain awake is NOT EFFECTIVE in the long term. And even worse, can cause weight gain and sudden crashes in moods. This is counterproductive and essentially doesn’t provide the brain the “reset” button it requires.

3. Stay active

Get up and move around for 5-10 minutes, every hour. This keeps your blood flow pumping, speeds up metabolism (prevents an incredible amount of weight gain), and keeps you from falling asleep. If you really want to be effective complete push-ups, burpees, and or jump rope for 5-10 minutes.


3. Check yourself before you wreck yourself

Part of thinking better is being able to identify where you are mental. What type of mood are you in? An overly excited or bad mood can shift anyone’s perception, therefore making it difficult to make the best decisions. You can only be a better thought leader when you know what mood you’re in.


4.  Practice making definitive decisions

Bad thinking can come from not making a decision at all, just as much as being on the fence.  Make a decision, move on.

However, it’s also important to identify what causes one to hesitate on making solid decisions:

1. Listening to too many advisors
2. Not having enough information or asking enough questions to acquire knowledge
3. Too much knowledge and not enough intelligence
4. Not committed or clear on what you want in the first place
5. Feeling of hidden agendas and or feelings of manipulation


5. Develop a strong intuition

Discovering yourself; what serves you and what harms you is a great way to develop intuition. It will guide you and help you attract better thought patterns and immediately eliminate anything to interferes or clouds your judgment. For some its philosophy, spirituality, energy, or morality that helps them with the concept of their truth. Either way, get to the bottom of what makes you who you are. Anything contrary to it, will immediately feel like a poor fit in your life and be pushed away.


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