Beauty Boss Tara Fela Durotyoye Shows Us How To Keep It Flawless like Beyonce

Every beautinista needs to have a beauty guide, their go-to source for identifying what looks work best. With stores in Kenya and Nigeria, Tara Fela-Durotoye, founder of premier African Beauty Brand House of Tara, is our savior. Check out her top beauty tips:



Commonly known as Idi Agbon in rural Yoruba villages across Nigeria, Coconut Oil has the ability to do wonders for the skin and has health benefits when ingested or used as a replacement for most cooking oils. Traditionally, Coconut oil was used by the local kinsmen as a moisturizer and is known to rehydrate the skin after every application. Harmattan is generally a season for dry skin; with hot air outside, your skin needs constant hydration. House of Tara has created a Makeup Remover infused with the coconut essence that soothes the skin, opens pores and leaves your skin refreshed.




With over 500 dialects across 36 states in Nigeria, the phrase “youthful beauty” has several names in different dialects. Our trio-eyeshadows all share the same meaning- Uyayi is Ibibio, Omoge is Yoruba and Feroshawa is Kanuri for a young, pretty girl. Each product name and color pigment is carefully chosen to make women feel young and radiant.



The best guide to complexion perfection is to understand your skin type. Use products that are made for your skin texture- whether it is dry, oily or a combination of both- you need to know what works best for you! It is also important to use products according to the seasons; what works during the wet rainy season may not work during dry harmattan weather. However, Tara cream foundations are oil-based and tailored to hydrate your skin in dry and wet seasons giving you that flawless, velvety glow because it has cream-based properties.




To add a bit of sophistication and color to your holiday-inspired little black dress (LBD), try creating an Ombre lip. Our House of Tara lipstick names were inspired by local markets known to carry a wide range of cosmetic products for women. Sabo (Red), Jankara (Lilac Purple) and Tejuosho (Dark Cranberry) are the go-to-lipsticks for creating the perfect Ombre. Pair one of these festive shades with our Osemote lip liner and you have the perfect holiday pout.




Queen Amina was the Hausa Muslim Warrior Queen of Zazzau (now Zaria) in Kaduna state, Nigeria. Amina is remembered for her fierce military exploits and is generally credited with building the famous wall of Zaria. A fierce leader and legend, Queen Amina inspired our festive 12-piece eye-shadow palette with vibrant Christmas colors like silver, red, green, bronze, peach and gold.



Every woman wants perfect cheek bones, a well-defined nose and flawless makeup. To help you look like a golden goddess in the New Year, we recommend applying a soft pink blusher (House of Tara Blush 70) on the apple of your cheeks and finish up your look with a bronzer along your cheek bones. To highlight your favorite features, apply these products using a House of Tara Blush Brush or Fan Brush.




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